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Rated a 5/5 on Yelp!


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      Overall, excellent company and experience!!  I would highly recommend!!  Maggie, the owner of Opulence Spray Tan Club, is an irresistible, charming gem!!  Her lovely calm and collective attitude, humble nature,  passion of her career, diligent hard work, hospitality, reliability, time management, honesty, and expertise in her skill revealed to me that she is someone who meets and exceeds expectations based on a need to excel professionally.  In addition, Maggie is a responsible, clever, genuine, loving, and compassionate soul.  She carefully and attentively listened to my needs/desires, and provided me with phenomenal customer service which is essential to customer satisfaction and performance.  The benefits of a spray tan are endless!  Through this particular company, you can choose your desired level of darkness and achieve instant results.  A spray tan accentuates your features, boost your self confidence (confidence is key), contributes to a natural radiant appearance, and evens out any skin imperfections; all while minimizing the appearance of any stretch marks or varicose veins.  With your purchase of a spray tan through this company, Opulence Spray Tan Club, not only do you receive a gorgeous, golden tan; no streaking involved, you also receive multiple, extra benefits for your skin as well.  For example, the products used to achieve the tan, along with the moisturizer and facial spray, use ingredients such as rose water, jojoba seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, vitamin E, avocado oil, macadamia seed oil, grape seed oil, cucumber fruit extract, sunflower seed oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin c, etc.; all in which provide anti-aging benefits that hydrate, moisturize, refresh, even skin tone, reduce and prevent any fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation, protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays, reduce and calm any inflammation (redness), etc.  Apart from, these products are safe and beneficial to use on all skin conditions with the exception of any contraindications.  Moreover, this brand uses the best high-end quality products with ingredients that are all natural, organic, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, and eco certified to achieve optimal results.  Furthermore, due to the variety, functions, and the nature of these clean/pure ingredients, consumers receive sublime and endless benefits.  Besides, these ingredients all work together to provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc., all in which contribute to a healthy, vibrant, fresh, flawless appearence.  The formulated products have been proven and backed by science as well.  For instance, the extensive research goes beyond the dermis ( the thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis ) and epidermis ( outermost layer of the skin which protects the internal structures of the body ) into the cellular level of our DNA ( our chemical makeup, the molecule that contains the genetic code of all living organisms).  DNA is the carrier of genetic information, and contains instructions for development, growth, and reproduction.  It is passed from generation to generation in humans and many other organisms.  We are all born with our own individual unique DNA.  Additionally, DNA spells out the exact instructions needed to create that person, and also gives the person her or his unique distinguishing characteristics.  All living matter and organisms can better thrive, survive, and fulfill their purpose efficiently, and effectivly within their DNA when they ingest exclusive ingredients, and are placed in healthy, adaptable environments.  Along with combining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and a consistent exercise regimen; these clean, organic ingredients/products applied topically to your skin, seep into your pores; consequently creating a healthy, flawless glow.  Therefore, a spray tan at Opulence Spray Tan Studio is a safe, quick, and convenient alternative to traditional tanning.  I absolutely love my healthy, natural, beautiful, bronzed glow that I can maintain anywhere at anytime!!  Thus, I just received my first spray tan with this company recently, and I'm already addicted!!  Further, the Opulence Spray Tan Studio website contains knowledgeable, additional informative, tan tips/ tricks, and instructions that will maintain your gorgeous tan with flawless fading, and maximum longevity if followed properly and cared for correctly.  In conclusion, you're worth the investment!!  Come pamper/spoil yourself and explore the magical experience of a custom rich, gorgeous color tan created just for you by the beautiful, sweet, and seductive owner Maggie at Opulence Spray Tan Club!!  Sending lots of love and blessings your way.


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    Leah Kramer

    thumb Leah K.

      Morgan did a great job, I wasn't sticky at all and my color is spot on. Very very happy highly recommend .

    thumb Brittany W.

      Maggie the owner is beautiful spirit. Made me feel completely comfortable about stripping down to my undies. My mommy belly has never recovered so I genuinely don't enjoy showing it. Before I realized we were laughing and chatting it up, belly out! The color is golden. My husband says I look like an Indian goddess. Love it! Thanks Maggie!

    thumb Leah M.

      Everything was great. Very professional and friendly. Tanning mixture is great and if you follow their directions for care, it can last 3 weeks or longer. The only improvement or suggestion would be for there to be a better solution for the hands. Hands don't come out super great, so maybe some solution can help with that.

    thumb Tim V.

      We've used them three times in all three times the spray tan is been absolutely amazing beyond what we could've ever imagined. The wife and I took a weeklong cruise the tan actually lasted nine days. It's the safest way to look amazing and does not look fake at all. I would highly suggest this company as everyone I've met there are professionals and in my opinion artists

    thumb Charley W.

      Called them totally last minute on a Saturday evening and they were so great about accommodating within an hour! Kaylee was so sweet and I love my tan. Thanks again for the great customer service!

    thumb Abbey Lane R.

      Maggie is amazing!  Just absolutley love her and her special blend proprietary formula.   I have spray tanned for years and never had this natural beautiful color.  Plus I went out straight out after my tan and there was zero odor or stickiness.  I am over the moon with how great my skin looks.  Thank you Maggie!!!

    thumb Stephanie Z.

      Hands down the best spray tan I've ever gotten from top to bottom. Color is the most natural spray tan I've seen - I kept forgetting it was fake! The perfect brown/red coloring. Even my boyfriend who sometimes makes fun of my tans complimented me on how natural it was which has NEVER happened. Very long lasting - most spray tans don't look good past day 5 for me because I workout/shower a lot but today is day 7 and it still looks great! Service is outstanding - easy to book and very professional while in your home. The only downside is the price - $100 after tip and taxes (plus there's an extra $10 fee if you live in Buckhead) - making it the most expensive spray tan I've ever had. I thought my $60 one every week was already indulgent! I would see them every week if it weren't for the price so I'll have to keep them for special occasions but I'm obsessed.

    thumb Casey G.

      Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! I look like a bronze goddess every time I get a spray tan at Opulence. Maggie is the best!

    thumb C C.

      So this place is absolutely amazing. Opulence and owner, Maggie, are extremely professional with high-quality products and the end result is absolutely the best you can find in the Atlanta area or anywhere else for that matter!
    Maggie called me back immediately, when I called. She is extremely sweet and very patient & accommodating.
    I came from Virginia for my sons wedding.
    My soon to be sister-in-law had broken her leg not that long ago and wanted the scars to be covered up. She not only has her scars covered up but she has this amazing tan which looks like she just rolled off the beaches of the West Indies! The bride ( Who is already gorgeous) looks amazing and so pretty with her Sun kissed tan! Opulence came to their house and were so friendly accommodating  and professional! She had a great sense of humor which made everyone feel very comfortable while getting spray tanned!
    Maggie's business ,Opulence, is definitely top-of-the-line and very reasonably priced.
    You will not only look gorgeous but it lasts and it's done so professionally there are no streaks or marks!
    You will definitely look like you just came back from a Caribbean vacation!
    You can either go to their shop or she will come to you.
    What's not to love!

    thumb Kasoondie F.