Opulence Spray Tan clients ROCK!!!!!


Rated a 5/5 on MINDBODY!

Rated a 5/5 on Yelp!


(all reviews below are taken word- for-word from Yelp, listed in order of date)

  My daughter has fair skin and red hair, I was extremely nervous for her to get a spray tan before a big event, through word of mouth I heard about Maggie and she did a beautiful job.  She had a beautiful tan with absolutely no orange. Everything was even and  so well done. She gives you instructions before to have the best outcome that will last.
Thank you Maggie!

thumb Carye R.

  BEST SPRAY TAN EVER!!!!! I've lived in New York and Miami...... nothing is comparable. My hands and feet look completely natural. There's no orange color at all. Maggie does something different, I'm not sure how, I'm blown away. I have very fair skin and this looks natural, even, and it's lasting so well! The products I bought from her are just as fabulous as her flawless spray tan! THANK YOU MAGGIE!

thumb Christy G.

  I used this place once and had a wonderful experience with Kat. The second time, however, was horrible. I tried booking on Labor Day (because the website indicated that they were available for appointments) and I received a call from the owner. She expressed that she was very irritated that I would try to schedule on Labor Day, and even though I told he it was fine that we not do it, she told me "well I've come in from the pool now so I might as well do it." That was my first unprofessional moment of the experience. Next, she was 15 minutes late (I've noticed from other reviews that seems to be a pattern). She also charged more than what was advertised on the website (I've noticed other reviews where people experienced the same) and gave my daughter the wrong tan (the overnight instead of the quick tan). But the most disturbing thing is that when my daughter got out of the salon she literally burst into tears. She said the owner got mad at her after hearing that she usually goes to a competitor. She told my daughter "if I had known that you go to Spray Studio, I wouldn't have come in to do this today." I cannot imagine what kind of grown woman would be so horrible to a teenage girl. There really is no excuse for this conduct. If you don't want to accept appointments on a certain day - indicate as such on your website. Do not call a prospective client and complain to them for asking for the service that you have put yourself out as providing. And certainly do not shame anyone for choosing to try a new company. The girls who work at Spray Studio are professional and lovely and I would encourage anyone looking for a spray tan in Atlanta to skip Opulence and go there.

thumb Dawn D.

  Got a spray tan before a trip for my birthday! I tried this place and it did not disappoint!!! My tan was super pigmented(I was super pale before) but super natural! I was not orange at all ! The owner was so nice and helpful! 10/10 would recommend!

thumb Yasmin W.


I recently had the pleasure of getting a tan done, and I must say, it was an exceptional experience that left a lasting impression. From the moment I walked in, the service provided was top-notch, and I felt completely at ease throughout the entire process.

The specialist who attended to me deserves special mention for her kindness and welcoming demeanor. She made sure I was comfortable and addressed any questions or concerns I had, making the entire experience smooth and enjoyable.

The results of the tan were fantastic, leaving me with a natural and radiant glow. I never imagined that tanning could be such a positive and rejuvenating experience. Thanks to this wonderful session, tanning will undoubtedly become a new and cherished part of my self-care routine.

I'm enjoying the glow and confidence it brings!!

thumb Antoinette p.

  I found Opulence Spray Tan and it's the best spray tan experience I've had in my life. Maggie does an espectacular and beautiful work.
Gorgeous salon, I will be coming back probably next week, I'm obsessed!
Thank you for everything

thumb Josefina C.

  Had a fitness photoshoot and a friend recommended I try Opulence for my first ever spray tan. Maggie was very detailed, explained everything and did a great job! It looked fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Opulence to anyone looking for a high quality spray tan

thumb Namar A.

  This was my first time getting a spray tan. I was in great hands. Maggie, was working with me and explaining to me how the tan works. I felt strange/nervous because it was my first time, but She was incredibly helpful and friendly! I trusted her and the process. The shop was clean, and private. I had my own room where I got the spray. Process felt quick, under 30 minutes for me. It's been 5 days and the tan is still present, awesome!
If you are looking for a spray tan, I recommend coming here. I enjoyed my experience!

thumb Parag B.

  This was my first time getting a spray tan and Kat was fantastic. She made the entire experience very pleasurable and helped me understand how to maintain my tan with very clear instructions. The tan lasted my entire trip and gave me a confidence I don't usually have in my skin. I will definitely be back!

thumb Jason D.

  Opulent is definitely the correct word for this luxury tanning salon!

I chose to go to Opulence Spray Tan for my very first tan, in preparation for a close friend's wedding. Spray tanning was a much more intimate experience than I thought it would be, and the people at Opulence Spray Tan made me feel comfortable in my skin.

The inside of their building is beautiful -- pink, pretty, and inviting! I especially liked that they sell fashion items like jewelry and clothes that fit the vibe of the tanning salon.

Kat (the person who spray tanned me) was incredibly professional, welcoming, and positive, especially while conducting the tan. She frequently assured me that the tan was looking good and also checked in with me to make sure I was doing well. It is obvious that Kat is both passionate about tanning and very skilled at it!

I waited 4 days after my tan to write a review so I could get a feel for the results:

On day one, I followed Kat's instructions and waited the 8 hours to shower and only used warm water without soap. After I showered, I used the tanning oil that they very strongly recommended. I looked a little dark and had a few streaks on my arms, but I knew that would happen while the tan continued to develop.

Day two, the tan was incredibly even and any streaking had disappeared (just as they told me it would)! I liked the results on day two: the tan looked very natural and pretty!

Day three, I started to smell a lot like the tanning product and the oil. I also noticed the tan was clogging my pores, but I still liked the results! I wore tighter clothes on this day, so I had some lines where the tan had rubbed off a bit.

Day four, the tan has begun to fade in some areas, but still looks pretty good! It is very natural looking and even toned, except around my elbows where I'm slightly darker.

My overall review is that Opulence Spray Tan did a wonderful job. I think their technique for applying the tan and the products they use give great results.

The pros:
- Attention to detail
- Professional Staff
- High quality results

The cons:
- The price is a bit high (they know their worth)

My final price was $102. I went in planning to spend $75+ tax, but ended up purchasing a product. I felt pressured to purchase the product in order to make the tan last. I kind of wish I hadn't, it smells weird and was very expensive. However, this business knows what they're doing and knows the best way to achieve high quality results, so I'm sure the oil is important to achieving a long-lasting vibrant tan. Plus, the bottle will definitely last a while -- perfect for frequent tanners!

I don't see myself getting another spray tan soon, but if I do, I will come back to Opulence Spray Tan. I think, for the price, a spray tan of this caliber is great for big events and especially for brides, but not for everyday (at least not for myself). I think I'm just not a spray tan person: I don't really like the smell of it or the way it pools in my pores, and I don't have the will power to not take frequent baths or showers, to extend the life of the tan.

However, if you ARE a spray tan person or if you have an important event coming up: You should definitely visit Opulence Spray Tan, you won't regret it!

thumb Natalie G.