pale-300x223I get phone calls everyday from new clients inquiring about how our solution will work on their skin type. It’s perfectly natural to be scared to try any sort of spray tan, considering all of the bad self-tanners and spray tanning booths on the market that make you look orange, un-natural and streaky.
Rest assured you are in the best hands, I have been spray tanning for 6 years. In other words I have seen it all!! Whether you are stark white, ghostly pale, freckly, red-headed, light skinned, dark skinned- I will make you look like a million bucks regardless! I always spray tan my clients so that you look natural with  radiant supple bronzed skin as if you just stepped off the Mediterranean beach.
Having radiant supple bronzed skin does something extra special to your confidence level. It’s a new and refreshing feeling that having that “glow” will give you. Since spray tanning accentuates your muscle tone, you immediately look 10 pounds skinnier. The color of your clothes will pop, your make-up looks prettier “that is, if you even have to wear any after this beautiful tan”, and without a doubt, people will start to compliment you that never mentioned anything before.

Perhaps all of this uplifting chatter sounds cheesy, but I can only testify this based on my own personal experience along with my thousands of clients. Everything I am saying here is true!!
If anyone has ever recommended that you give a spray tan a try- go for it!! If anything, I just dare you to do it for the sake of being wildly curious as to how great you will look with a golden bronzed glow. Questions? Call me! I can assure you that I will make you feel 100% comfortable and the great part is you don’t even have to leave your house, I come to you!
I will go over the process with you so that you know what to expect, and to have the best experience and tan of your life!
Call me (404) 594-2357
It’s not just a tan it’s a healthy skin treatment too. Why? Skin firming formulas build and restore the skins matrix, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our solution has highly concentrated antioxidant blends that combat the daily signs of skin damage.

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